Training and education

In-company technical training:

In a mechanic training course, contamination is hardly addressed, when in fact, it plays an increasingly important role in modern engines and fuels, as well as in the maintenance of vehicles and boats. This is why it is important for companies to ask themselves this question: How will we handle contamination of fuel systems and engines? During the Forté training sessions, the origin, the failure, and the elimination of the contamination in the various systems is discussed. Cleaning during maintenance, thereby eliminating the contamination, will increase customer satisfaction and mobility.

The following subjects are addressed in the technical training:
•  The development of engines, (bio) fuels, fuel systems, and fuel cycles;
•  Faults caused by contamination in fuel systems and engines;
•  Bio fuels E10 petrol and B7 diesel;
•  ‘Electronic' interference due to contamination;
•  The uniform motion control in Common Rail diesel engines;
•  Contamination of the intake valve in Direct Injection (DI) petrol engines;
•  Cleaning as a diagnostic tool;
•  Increasing the maintenance quality.

An interesting and explanatory lecture for the technicians among us, in which many facets of modern engine technology, fuels and fuel systems are addressed.

Front Office Training:

In order to provide the customers with the best possible service, Forté also offers customised Front Office training. These training courses focus on increasing the maintenance quality. Experience has taught us that a small investment in time has an unprecedented positive effect on customer satisfaction. Clean performs better! 


At various regional training centres in the Netherlands, and several foreign technical automotive training courses, guest lectures are held to raise the awareness among mechanics in training on contamination. The Forté Technical Course is hereby used as a textbook. The combination with practical training makes this course a competency-based training for the mechanics of the future.


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