If there is someone who stands out because of the service and support provided it is the Forté organisation. Forté's service is superior and certainly does not end with the delivery of products. We support companies with diagnosis, advice and training. Expensive repairs can often be prevented by an effective cleaning treatment with Forté products during maintenance. Click here for a list of faults, for which Forté has a solution.

An endoscopic examination may form part of an accurate diagnosis, which almost always determines that contamination is the cause of the fault. Proper maintenance, however, forms the very foundation. By using Forté cleaning products at every service, a vehicle will always drive as intended by the manufacturer. In order to maximise customer satisfaction, we want to be the technical partner of the maintenance facility and pass on our knowledge. Clean performs better!



Images: Examples of inlet valve contamination at an endoscopic inspection.

Clean performs better!

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