Professional documentation


As a professional organisation, Forté will supply all the required technical documentation for the workshop, marketing materials, and sales support for the Front Office.

Documentation for the workshop:

The daily experiences the Forté consultants gain in the workplace are collected and shared with our customers. This is done by, among other things, providing you with the Forté Workshop Manual, which is available exclusively for professional customers of Forté.

Forté workshop manual: 

•  Product Data Sheets with product and application description.
•  Fault Search Index.
•  More than 50 Technical Bulletins with cleaning instructions in case of failure in the engine,
   the fuel system, the cooling system, the drive, and the power steering system. Also for
   the treatment of a contaminated air-conditioning system, and a variety of other general information.

Forté Technical Course:
The Technical Course is a textbook compiled by Forté, based on 25 years of experience in the field of contamination in engines and fuel systems. The book is used at the automotive technical training at the regional training centres and is also an indispensable reference in the workshop. It will enable the technical staff to quickly acquire knowledge about faults and contamination in fuel and emissions systems. This additional knowledge will give the company a technological advantage, and bring your business to a higher level.

Advice, news and tips via the website:
In addition to the information in hard copy, which is intended exclusively for professionals in the workshop, we also provide digital information. You can always find the latest Technical Bulletins on the website, behind the login code.Through the bi-monthly newsletter, we communicate information such as new products, tips and marketing activities.


Documentation for the Front Office:

When selling a product, marketing plays an important role. Through the various means of marketing communication that Forté can provide, our customer is able to easily and clearly provide their customers with information on the use of Forté products.

Forté marketing materials:
•  Forté Corporate Brochure:
   In the corporate brochure you can read who we are and what we do.
•  Forté product overview:
   The product overviews provide short descriptions of all Forté products.
•  Mirror hanger
   After maintenance, the mirror hanger can be placed on the interior mirror
   to inform the customer about the use of Forté
   products when servicing their vehicle.
•  General leaflet:
   This general information leaflet provides a further explanation
   on the use of Forté products (the same information as stated on the
   mirror hanger).
•  Countertop leaflets:
   Leaflets for the promotion of marketing campaigns and (new) products.
•  Marketing campaigns
   Forté periodically develops marketing campaigns to support
   the customer with the sale of Forté products. The campaigns are
   communicated and further explained by the Forté consultant. 

More information:
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