Environmentally conscious

By using Forté cleaning products, you effortlessly contribute to a cleaner environment!

We all have a responsibility in our daily doings, for the present and for the future generations. In our hectic world of mobility and the ever increasing use of vehicles with fuel engines, Forté brings innovation and sustainable products that contribute to a cleaner environment.

Together with you, we will take our responsibility, and strive for a cleaner and liveable environment, for now and in the future. United for a better world.

In the ever changing world of environmental requirements, regulations and laws, we respond with sustainable and innovative products and applications. On our Research and Development departments and laboratories, development is an ongoing process in order to achieve environmentally conscious improvements to our current and future products.

The Green Touch:

The environmental impact of an individual is expressed in the 'Carbon Footprint'. This specifies how much carbon is released into the environment. The main component is caused by our daily energy consumption, in which CO2 is released into the environment. The fuel consumption of our vehicles and vessels increases due to contamination of fuel systems and the interior of the engine, because of which the environmental impact is higher. This not only increases the ecological burden unnecessarily.

Internal engine contamination also causes additional contamination due to carbon, soot and wear parts of the engine oil. The imaginary, highly polluted, oil puddle caused by the daily draining of engines constitutes a serious threat to the environment, unless processed in an environmentally conscious manner. Remember that there are over 1 billion vehicles driving around worldwide!

By using Forté cleaning products every time you service your car, fuel consumption is minimised and the oil quality remains in the best possible condition. This, too, ensures you contribute to a cleaner environment.

Clean performs better!

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