Cleaning your air conditioner

On average, we spend nearly half an hour a day in the car.
That is why a clean and fresh climate in the car is extremely important!
Nowadays, it is hard to imagine living without the benefits of an air conditioner: in the summer, it keeps us comfortably cool while in the winter it prevents our windows from fogging up. Research has also shown that 'cool' motorists are better able to concentrate and react faster.

The result of a malfunctioning air conditioner is a compromise of the passive safety, a musty smell in the car, and a possible risk of watery eyes, a sore throat and irritated airways of drivers and passengers. Small children, for example, have less resistance to colds and are thus more susceptible to bacteria in the air conditioning system. 

 Having the interior part of the entire air conditioning system cleaned with Forté Air Conditioner Treatment will ensure a fresh and healthy climate, so that the occupants feel comfortable and the driver remains clear and alert, even during long drives. 

The benefits of a cleaning treatment of the air conditioning:

•  Fresh, clean air, free of bacteria.
•  A clean air conditioner prevents allergic reactions.
•  Windows free of condensation during colder periods.
•  Pleasant climate: comfortable and cool.

Periodic inspections:

To take full advantage of the benefits of air conditioning and fresh interiors, periodic inspections and preventive maintenance are imperative. This can be performed in the garage as part of servicing.

Operation of the air conditioner:

For the evaporation of the refrigerant that takes place in the evaporator, heat is required. This heat is extracted from the housing of the evaporator, causing it to cool strongly. The ingested air is led through the cooling fins of the evaporator, during which it condenses moisture from the relatively warm air and cools off the air. This moist environment is an ideal environment for the development of micro-organisms such as bacteria, yeasts, and fungi. When switching on the air conditioning, they are blown into the car, together with the cold air,
and a very disagreeable odour spreads throughout the car.

In order to counteract the development of micro-organisms to the extent possible, we recommend switching off the air conditioner the last 10 minutes or 10 kilometres of the drive, so that the evaporator can dry, preventing micro-organisms from developing.

Environmental impact:

In the event of a leak, the refrigerant in the evaporator will provide a considerable contribution to the greenhouse effect. By way of illustration: if all the refrigerant from an air conditioner would escape, about as much greenhouse gases are released as with a car trip of 6,000 kilometres.

Make sure your air conditioning system is cleaned with Forté Air Conditioner Treatment for a fresh and healthy environment in your vehicle!

Forte wishes you many pleasant and healthy kilometres!

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